Transfer your SEO value

Seamlessly redirect old URLs to new ones
the right, SEO-friendly way.

Why, you ask?

Never miss a visit again

There's nothing worse than launching a rebranded website and losing half the visits to bad redirects.

Protect your SEO equity

It takes years to build SEO equity, only days to lose it and never get it back.

Make better decisions

Rely on data, not guesswork. Usage patterns change and your redirects should follow.

Want to be in the next batch?

You'll be among the first to be invited to join.

Nothing to download or install

Everything runs on our servers, you only need to decide what old URLs you want to redirect where and we do the rest.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

No technical knowledge required. HubDirector is developed for busy, highly productive digital marketers who need fast and efficient redirects implemented following SEO Best Practices.
Nurture your SEO equity

1. Upload redirects

CSV, Excel or manually.

2. Review our recommendations

Our verification & validation engine will analyse them all and come back with any needed fixes.

3. Sit back and relax

We take care of the rest and provide metrics and statistics on what happens.